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Our Efforts in Helping the People of Ukraine

Ukrainian Artist Miko Vlado

Accepting PayPal Donations here:

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Christian Artist Miko Vlado is in a Hospital in Kyiv Ukraine.  He has undergone several unsuccessful surgeries and due to the skyrocketing costs of Healthcare he is unable to get the treatment he needs.

We are getting the word out to get people to donate directly to him via PayPal as well as selling prints of his exceptional Artwork.  Time is running out as his hospital is surrounded by bombardment and is in a very dangerous area.  He hopes to get the medical attention he needs so he can evacuate quickly.  Please spread the word.and donate if you can!

Prints of Miko's Art

Art Donation

Artwork from around the world donated to this effort.  100% of profits go to the Ukrainian
relief fund.  Thank you!


100% of proceeds from Paul Grass' Painting 

"Desireable To Make One Happy go directly to Families from the Church of Jesus Christ in Ukraine


A Portion of all proceeds from this year's Bible Art Tour will go towards helping the Artist's listed here, evenly split.  Commission for the Ukrainian relief fund will be 5% - 100% depending on the Artwork.