Knights and Dames TRA (Knights and Dames of The Religious Academy) creates all events for our interfaith Bible Art School and The Religious Academies LLC, including our weekly free Art Class on illustrating the Bible, monthly shows, The Life of Christ Salon, The Bible Art Tour, and The Religious Academy Christmas Show at Grant Avenue Methodist. 


Art Unveiling at Colorado Christian University


Art Unveiling at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Art Unveiling at the Archdiocese of Denver


Each year our organization does an Art Exhibit developed from a passage in the Bible intended to bring awareness of God's hand in our lives.  We either relate the passage to history or contemporary issues.  This year's them is "Given Unto Them Beauty From Ashes, Christian Acts of Kindness From The German People Circa WW2." Artwork will be on display in 7 cities in the United States and Europe and as each new piece is unveiled it will be added to our Collection here as well as

A portion of all proceeds from Artwork listed will be donated to our Ukrainian Relief Effort.

2022 Tour 

"Given Unto Them Beauty From Ashes." - Christian Acts of Kindness From the German People Circa WW2


At each event, where permisable, we exhibit seven selected Images of Jesus from our Community as to get people thinking about Christ.