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Miko's Story

Hello, dear friends,

 I, Olena Biletska, am the wife of the artist Miko Vlado.  We are now in Kyiv after four difficult operations by Miko Vlado.  Miko is still very weak, so I'm making this post.


 Currently, Kyiv does not have infrastructure, closed hospitals, private medical institutions, administrative institutions, universities, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, transport does not work.  Taxi prices are very high.  Martial law has been imposed in Ukraine.


 There are a small number of small grocery stores and pharmacies in Kyiv, but the shelves are almost empty.  Goods are not delivered to stores.  Prices for food and medicine have increased 5-6 times.  Most goods can only be bought from entrepreneurs at an exorbitant price.  All residents are fleeing the city.  Almost all medical specialists left Kyiv, except for medical military doctors.


 Miko underwent 4 surgeries, 5 general anesthesia, died twice from rectal bleeding, but his life was miraculously saved during the war.


 Miko is now in a very serious condition after two, he needs to lie down for 14 days and not get out of bed, go to the toilet lying down, take painkillers, antibiotics, hemostatic drugs, restorative drugs, eat a lactose-free diet, bandage, rehabilitate.  Subsequent diets should be free of FODMAP.  Exercise is prohibited for two months.  Currently, Miko cannot be transported after surgery because there is a risk of re-bleeding.


 Before the war, from 16.02.  2022 to 19.02.2022 Miko made a complete examination of the gastrointestinal tract, colonoscopy under anesthesia in a private clinic "Adonis".  Diagnosis: grade 4 hemorrhoids, colitis, gallstone disease.  The clinic prescribed treatment for colitis and laparoscopic cholecystectomy (surgery to remove the gallbladder).  Before that, Miko needs to have a hemorrhoidectomy (surgery to remove hemorrhoids).

 The first expensive low-invasive laser hemorrhoidectomy and THD was performed on February 21, 2022 under general anesthesia in a private clinic "Medeira".


 On February 24, 2022, at 5 am, a full-scale war began in Ukraine.  Russia fired rockets at many Ukrainian cities, and Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border.  Walking from the 4th floor of the rented apartment to the basement and back due to the bombing of Kyiv and physical activity, Miko developed rectal bleeding.  Also because of pro-Russian provocateurs in the basement, Miko spent a long time checking territorial defense and security for involvement in a sabotage group, he went a lot, which is forbidden by doctors.  No reasons were found for Miko's detention.


 This was done by Russian provocateurs on purpose, because in Ukraine the artist under the creative pseudonym Miko Vlado is a public figure by birth - Volodymyr Minka (in Ukrainian), Volodymyr Minka (in Russian) and takes a Euro-Atlantic position, which was previously reported in the Ukrainian media.  Earlier and now Miko is being persecuted by Russian lobbyists for his position.  Ukraine has a bilingual population.


In the evening of March 1, 2022, bleeding from the rectum began and Miko received an online consultation on the medical platform "Medikit".  The proctologist's advice did not help.

 At night, with heavy bleeding, the territorial defense took Miko to a military hospital, where he received non-professional care, which further aggravated the bleeding.  Doctors tore his rectal vessels.

 Private clinics in the city do not work, doctors have left Kyiv and Ukraine.


 In the morning Miko was admitted for treatment by the only state hospital number 6 in Kyiv on a paid basis.  In Ukraine, public medicine is corrupt, there is no state health insurance, there is no free medicine.  On March 2, 2022, Milligan-Morgan's classical surgery under general anesthesia was performed at the State Hospital No. 6.


 On the night of March 4, 2022, Miko experienced another heavy bleeding due to the unprofessionalism of doctors working according to the medical protocols of the USSR.  Despite the bleeding, the chief doctor discharged Miko from the hospital in the morning, violating the hospital protocol after major surgery.  Reason: inability to pay for medical services.  We have run out of money for treatment.


 Miko lost consciousness in the corridor on the way from the hospital.  Urgently performed a colonoscopy and re-surgery-revision of Milligrang Morgan under general anesthesia, after which he was in intensive care.  On March 7, 2022, Miko was discharged from the hospital, which violates the medical protocol after two difficult operations and resuscitation.  We do not have the funds for rehabilitation in the hospital, medicine, food, accommodation, payment for medical services.  In public clinics in Ukraine, the treatment of patients is inhumane.


The city of Kyiv is constantly being shelled by Russian missiles, air strikes are being carried out, Russian troops are trying to surround Kyiv, they have come close, they have captured the outskirts of the city.  Many buildings were destroyed, many civilians were killed.


 I came to Kyiv to Miko under fire when the war had already begun.  Our house near the airfield was damaged by a rocket, it is uninhabitable.  I lived in the basement all the time.  In between operations, Miko was also in the basement, which was forbidden by the doctor, which led to heavy bleeding and repeated surgery.  Frost, cold, humidity, unsanitary conditions, hunger and danger from Russian sabotage groups, provocateurs, thieves, looters.


 The Red Cross and other social services are involved in evacuating healthy people on the EU border and supporting the Ukrainian military.  Our case is not on their list, because Miko is not a soldier.  State aid is selectively provided exclusively to single people, the elderly, the disabled, and refugee women with children.


 Good friends sent us some money.  We had a big problem finding housing for Miko's rehabilitation.  Realtors do not work, there is no rental housing in Kiev.  We had enough money for 3 days of rent, for medicine for 3 days, for food for 2 days.  We eat almost nothing.  Volunteers help only Ukrainian military and refugee women with children.  The small funds sent by special friends ran out and we went back to the basement.  We had no choice.  Miko has not eaten for 7 days and is now almost starving, he now needs a special medical diet, medication, painkillers, maintenance therapy, bandages, diapers, lying in bed, not getting up, walking on a chair lying down.  It costs a lot of money, especially during the war.  We do not have the funds for this.


Miko's internal and external sutures ruptured due to poor-quality surgery at the State Clinic No. 6 and poor living conditions and lack of medication during rehabilitation.

 On March 14, 2022, at 2 o'clock in the morning, Miligan Morgan's fourth emergency rectal operation for bleeding with subsequent resuscitation due to loss of consciousness was performed in the surgical clinic № 15 in Kyiv.  The clinic provided Miko with a $ 2,100 loan for hospital surgery and services, further outpatient examinations and dressings, and a special medical vehicle for transportation to and from the hospital.  We had no choice but to die Miko from bleeding, or to use the clinic's services.  This loan must be repaid within 10 days.  After the loan is overdue, 40-60% of the total loan amount is accrued.  This fact limits and complicates our evacuation from Kyiv to a safe place.  I try to find any job in Kyiv, but there is no work during the war.


 Kyiv and the whole of Ukraine are constantly heavily shelling Russian troops with missiles, vacuum bombs and air strikes around the clock, destroying housing estates and infrastructure.  Russian troops have seized the suburbs: shootings of civilians and children, rape of women, torture, and looting continue.  We are starving, there are no funds for rehabilitation drugs and food, rent.  We live in the basement in Kyiv, because there is no place to live, now frost, cold, humidity, unsanitary conditions, danger from sabotage groups, looters, bandits.  Garbage cans are empty.  Miko is very weak, we are all stressed.  Miko has to lie in the basement for another four weeks to avoid new bleeding under the supervision of a doctor in the hospital.  We owe $ 2,100 for surgery and treatment at clinics that need to be paid for urgently.  Now there is no money, no work, our house is destroyed, we are homeless.  We are in despair.  We live in hell.  Watch the news feeds of Miko Vlado and Olena Biletska on Facebook to learn more facts and get complete information in real time, as well as view all medical certificates, videos and photos.  I do not wish anyone what Miko and I have experienced and are experiencing now.  God bless you.  Please, support financially, help in this difficult time for us and Ukraine!


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