Book of Mormon the Art Tour was created in 2016 by Paul Grass and a few other artist friends in hope to create positive messages about the Book of Mormon with artwork and music and to bring these artistic messages to places where people gather, including places like coffee shops and cafes.

This tour is not associated with The Religious Academies LLC and is

has been mostly a volunteer effort. Many of the sales are donated to charitable causes.  In addition many of those from Knights and Dames TRA who participate in this generously donate their services.


Tour on 16th Street Mall Denver Summer 2021 with TRA Knights Paul Grass and Roderick Page


Artwork From 2022 Tour

Artwork Posted As Unveiled

Model Ben Schilaty's Testimonial

Author "A Walk in My Shoes: Questions I’m Often Asked as a Gay Latter-day SaintA Walk In My Shoes."


As I posed as Lehi for this painting, I was told to hold my arm out and beckon to others so that they could follow. I was inviting them to experience the love of God. What is beautiful about Lehi’s dream is that his immediate response to tasting the love of God was to share it with others. What I have learned is that people connect with God in different ways. Some people find God reading the scriptures or spending time in nature or worshipping in holy places or interacting with others. I don’t need to tell others what their relationship with God should look like, but I feel very comfortable inviting others, perhaps even beckoning to them, so that they can connect with God the way He speaks to them. I am confident that as each of us reach out to God that we will experience the gift of divine love. In this story it is Lehi who does the beckoning, but ultimately it is God who wants us to experience His love.

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